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Online Abuse

I’m not feeling quiet today.

I just wanted to say a word about cyber bullying. I was witness to some pretty horrific cyber bullying on Twitter today, strangers hurling abuse on someone I don’t know (and happen to disagree with), and it made me think…

It’s so easy to throw darts at strangers, isn’t it? Especially ones we disagree with?

Let’s even go so far to say that they¬†are, in fact,¬†fundamentally wrong in some of their thinking. That, of course, gives us the right to write them off as a moron, and thus, it’s okay to throw all kinds of abuse in their direction, right? If they are wrong about ONE thing, that gives us the right to strip them of their God-given humanity and verbally set them on fire – am I right?

No. Of course not.

Now, think of a time when you’ve been wrong about something. I can think of many things I’ve been wrong about in pretty short order.

Does that fact that you and I have been wrong about things mean that our human cards should be taken from us? Does it mean that we should be beaten down? Kicked? Taught a lesson?

Or does it mean that we, like all other humans, are in need of some grace?

Let’s all agree to take it easy on people. Because they are people – just like we are. It’s no more complicated than that.


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