Sometimes churches are weird and I don’t get it

Sometimes I read back over my posts to just get a look at where I’ve been with my past thought processes, and then I compare them to where I am now. I also like to see what it says about me as a whole.

Mercy, it sure makes me look nicer than I am.

But aside from that, I’ve been interested at how it’s chronicled my spiritual journey for the last two years or so. Granted, it doesn’t tell the whole story – I mean, who says EVERYTHING they think on the internets?

Okay, some people do. And they look kind of stupid. So I try not to look stupid (I’ll admit to being kind of vain, though).

Anyhow, to the point – sometimes you discover that you don’t think something you used to think.

From this blog, November 8, 2011:

“Like I wrote on Facebook yesterday, some people think that churches are too patriarchal, while at the same time, some assert that they cater too much to women. While I agree that churches do cater a lot to women (not necessarily on purpose, but they tend to be more emotionally oriented), I don’t feel “oppressed by a patriarchy” at church.

And when people take Bible verses out of context to tell me what women should and shouldn’t do, I ignore it. Because I can think for myself.”

I still love that last sentence. But as for not feeling “oppressed by a patriarchy,” well…hm.

Oppressed directly, no. That’s probably too strong a word. But there’s some weird stuff going on that I’ve noticed since writing that blog. I just never noticed it before because, well, I was used to it. So no, not really oppressed on a personal level…buuuuut…

But when I look up at a church platform and see mostly men, or when I look at a church directory and see women in charge of only women’s ministries or kids, I get twitchy. I feel underrepresented.

Another thing I’ve noticed:

Church directories where women are in charge of things (woo!), but they are called “directors,” while men in similar positions of leadership are called “pastors” (huh?).


They’ve put women in positions of substantial leadership; why not go that last extra step and call them what they are? They are acting as pastors. But they don’t get the title. Is it semantics? Is it to stave off controversy? I don’t know. But if it is the latter, then it is downright cowardly.

I wish things were different. Maybe someday they will be.


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One response to “Sometimes churches are weird and I don’t get it

  1. Welcome to egalitarianism…haha. It’s a good place to be.

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