Spicy Salmon and an EASY PEASY RECIPE CHALLENGE! Wooo!


Last night I discovered the following recipe:


I had most of the ingredients already, so all I did was chop up the onion, mix it in a bowl with the other spices, spread the whole mess over some salmon steaks, and, after 20 minutes at 350 degrees, we had an awesome dinner. (I should add here that the salmon baked at 350 degrees, not us.)

Easy peasy. I am a big fan of easy peasy.

The grand thing about the above recipe is that I already had most of the ingredients in my cupboard. And it was freakin’ delicious. Seriously.

So here’s the challenge of the day:

I’m looking for other easy baked salmon/chicken/steak/whatever recipes.


  1. The recipe has to be made mostly of common kitchen spices, veggies, etc. There might be one or two specialty ingredients, but the majority of the ingredients must be things that you’d find in the average kitchen. The only ingredients I had to go out and buy for the salmon recipe were cayenne pepper and an onion. Oh, and salmon.
  2. Low. Prep. Time.
  3. No dairy or gluten, folks. However, I do have GF flour and some non dairy butter stick things, so if butter and flour are part of the recipe, I can just substitute.
  4. DELICIOUS results are mandatory.

Okay, go!

And please, try that recipe I found. YUM.



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