My plaaace in this world

Things currently happening in the life o’Sarah:

  1. Studying Python independently (named after the Brit comedy troupe, so it was totally meant to be)
  2. Working on carpet stains. Hooray for light colored carpet!
  3. Polishing up my resume
  4. Considering different career paths
  5. Reading Leviticus
  6. Learning grace…how to receive and extend it. Getting better with the first, not so hot on the second. Yet.
  7. Learning to be okay with not every relationship in “okay” status all the time
  8. Learning more about spaceflight
  9. Drinking lots of coffee
  10. Trying to get a 20 year old MWS song out of my head (OH MY GOSH IT’S OVER 20 YEARS OLD?! HOW OLD AM I? Seriously, some days I forget…)

What’s going on in your life?

Argyle Michael W. Smith hopes you have a GREAT, argyle-filled day!


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