To think, or not to think?

I’ve decided to try to post more often and try to think less about what I’m posting.

A year ago fall, I started posting daily in an effort to get myself to write more, and the result was that I worried less about what I was going to write.

According to my annual report from WordPress, I only wrote 30 posts last year. Out of 118.

To put that in perspective for you, this blog is only about a year and a half old. That means that in about 6 months I wrote 88  posts, compared to only 30 in the next 12 months.

Why the change? Well, if I was going to be easy on myself, I’d say that it was because I started working and had less mental energy for writing. But the truth is more that I started overthinking every post.

The less I wrote, the more I felt that everything I did write needed to be profound. I also worried about what some people would think about the things I think, and then I started thinking about what people would think about the things I was thinking, and then…well, you know where this is heading:

It’s so like that.

And as we all know, hamsters don’t do much writing. At least, not any hamsters in my acquaintance.

The truth is, sometimes I don’t feel like being profound. Sometimes I just feel like writing about boogers.

So let it here be known that I will probably be posting more, and some of it will be deep, while some of it will be more…well, booger-like.

Because even writing about stupid things loosens up the creative juices.


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