I’ve had about a day to think about what happened in Connecticut. Several more to think about what happened at the Mall. Of course I’m thinking about all the usual things one thinks about when things like this occur…why…how is this fair…are any of us really safe…

And though I still love and trust God, I wonder how he decides who to protect and who not to protect. I try to understand, and then my brain goes into a feedback loop. And then I start thinking about how this is all so horrifically unfair and awful, and then I start thinking that I’m tired of thinking.

This sucks. (this particular train of thought has been a never-ending carousel for me…why…but…then…why…but…if…)

But I started thinking about what would help. I can’t really help the victims’ families, not directly. I’m not a psychologist. I’m not a crime scene investigator. The best I can tell, all I can do is pray the same prayer I always pray for people who lose a loved one.

I pray for comfort, and I pray that they’ll have fantastic sleep…the one place that can be a haven from the pain they’re feeling right now. That their sleep will be full of peace and that there would be no horrible nightmares.

So there you have it. I can’t do much for them, not directly. But I was wondering…

Maybe we can do something, not for them, but for others. What if we ramped up our random acts of kindness tenfold whenever something like this happened? To continue to celebrate love in the face of evil.

Right in the teeth, Satan.

Call someone you haven’t seen in awhile. Give your mom some flowers. Take a friend to coffee. Donate some toys to kids who don’t have anything. It’s all little stuff, but it’s the best kind of reactionary behavior.

To tell the truth, I haven’t done ANY of these things since I had this idea. I sat at home last night and didn’t do much of anything. I’m not sure why, exactly. I think I was just stuck, for a number of reasons.

But today’s a good day to start, I think.

Random footnote: It’s freaking cold out there. You can donate socks to local shelters at Famous Footwear in Tualatin – buy one pair, get one half off. I noticed it the other day and thought it was quite the capital idea.

Random footnote number 2: I know there are lots of places to donate toys, but you can donate unwrapped toys at the Drive-Thru Starbucks on Tualatin Sherwood road by the freeway. I think you have to walk in to do this, but then you can have coffee with a friend and knock out two acts of random kindness with one…um, credit card.

Random footnote number 3: Okay, last one, I swear. I know it’s been a tough week for everyone, but I sincerely pray you all have a great Saturday. Hug your loved ones, take it slow, and enjoy.

My love to you all,



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  1. It’s cheesy, I know…but the lyrics to this song always encourage me. I’ve come to the conclusion I will never get an answer to my “Why” questions…but it’s comforting to know that God does have a grand design. Even if we can’t see it from here.
    “A single thread in a tapestry
    though its color brightly shines (or turns dark in tragedy)
    can never see its purpose
    in the pattern of the grand design”
    And I love your thoughts that the best way to respond is to love more. I think you are exactly right.

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