Christmas Confessional

Another confession: this time, about the holidays.

You know how everybody says we should be less commercial around Christmastime and stop giving each other so much stuff because we already have enough crap anyway?

I disagree.

Well, in a way.

I love Christmas shopping.

I mean, LOVE Christmas shopping.

Not the act of aimless shopping, but finding the right present for the right person. Something that will make them SQUEEEEE. It’s just fun. I don’t always succeed, but I sure have a grand time trying.

Yes, we should stop giving each other crap just to give each other crap, but come on, isn’t fabulous when someone gives you something they know YOU will love, something that shows they know you really well? Because that kind of present isn’t just more STUFF. It’s something that makes you feel known.

My friend Vanessa is amazing at this kind of gift giving.

Example: A few years ago she texted me and asked me what my favorite superhero was. I texted back “Superman” and thought nothing else of it.

A few weeks later she gave me a hand knitted, lined tote bag with the Superman logo on the front. It wasn’t an iron on decal, either. She found the logo on the internet and made a pattern out of it, then knitted the whole thing.

She knitted me a Superman bag. This, my friends, is not commercialism. This is awesome-ism.

A more recent example: My birthday present from her this year was a can of baked beans and a can of Spam. I almost peed myself.

Why, you ask? Some of you already know, but for the uninitiated, here is the most awesomest thing eVAR.

We watched this sketch approximately 90 kabillion times over the course of our friendship, and only Vanessa could come up with a gift that silly and special. Also, she gave me sparkly lip gloss. BONUS.

Viking John Cleese digs sparkly lip gloss, too.

I realize that not all of you have the mad skillz to knit superhero luggage, but my point is that gift giving is FUN! Get creative, get silly, and enjoy gift giving! And if that means baked beans and Spam all around, then SO MUCH THE BETTER.

So much. The better.

And if you’re not into it, I judge you not. But I personally can’t do the whole “let’s not give gifts this year” thing. I just can’t.

My only regret so far this year is that I have not as of yet found holiday themed Transformers wrapping paper.

But it’s out there, somewhere.

Yes, alien robot holiday paper, you will be found.

Um, I don’t know how to end this.


The end.


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One response to “Christmas Confessional

  1. Sarah Thompson

    I love the Spam sketch! I was introduced to it by a friend my freshman year of college, and we watched it pretty much every time we needed a motivational lift. Now I own all the Flying Circuses on DVD…

    I love this post too. Personalized gift-giving is wonderful!

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