I could never

I don’t eat dairy and I rarely eat gluten. And since I’ve made the switch, I’ve heard a lot of people say things like: “I could never give up cheese,” or “I could never give up bread.”

Of course you could. Of course you could.

If it made you feel better, of course you could. And then, you’d discover a host of other things to eat that are completely delicious that you missed out on…because of the whole bread/cheese thing.

The truth is, you can pretty much do whatever you want, within reason.

When I say within reason, I’m not trying to put a huge qualifier on things, but a qualifier is needed. For example, I probably could not be in the WNBA. I’m a scrawny 5’5” and haven’t been playing basketball since I was three.

But if I wanted to put in the time and money, I could learn to play basketball and join a team. It would take a lot of work and focus, but I could.

So why do I hate the phrase I could never so very much?

Because I know what it does. It stops people in their tracks. But it doesn’t have to – it doesn’t have to be said. Don’t say it. Please, don’t say it. Because you can.

I could say that I was a kid who wheezed and had to breathe in medicine through a really noisy machine at night, and therefore could never run any distance over 50 feet, much less a 5K.

But I did. And I ran 9 miles last Saturday, and I’m going to go for 10 tomorrow.

I’m not trying to hold myself up as a glowing example of work ethic, but I’m trying to say that the phrase  I could never should not be in your vocabulary.

I could never run a half marathon.

I could never give up certain kinds of food in order to be healthy.

I could never write a book.

You could tell me to be realistic. But the truth is that goal setting and steady work ethic are what make dreams a reality. Talent is often just a small part of the equation – the people who get things done are the people who get things done…consistently.

So get it done.



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2 responses to “I could never

  1. Came across this not long before checking your blog, I think it’s relevant 🙂 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-18346128

  2. Wow, that’s impressive!

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