Your life is necessary.

I have something really important to say to you.

You are necessary.

Please banish all thoughts of your existence being some cosmic accident, because that’s crap.

You are necessary. Your existence is planned. You are food and water and air.

Why are you necessary?

We know this world is incredibly diverse, filled with people of widely varied talents, interests, and personalities.

Now, accept, for the sake of argument, that God did this.


Next step:

Think about all the people who have contributed something to your life, people who have brought you moments of joy. They might be friends, family, or even people you don’t know. Musicians, painters, sculptors, architects, artists, actors and actresses, screenwriters, directors, cooks, poets, authors.

They have contributed to you. Spoken to you. Touched your life, and many others, because they embraced their God given talents and individuality.

Why are you necessary? Because those people I just wrote about, you are just like them. This world of people is an interlocking puzzle and you are necessary in its completion. People need you. You are valuable.  People in this world need your talents, your individuality, your ideas.

You might be thinking: That’s nice, but it’s all been said. I have nothing original to contribute.

Like that matters. Because nobody can say what you have to say in the way that you can say it. It’s like when you hear a song that isn’t really saying anything new, but for some reason it shakes you to the core. You can identify with it, because, for some crazy reason, it speaks directly to you, as if someone wrote it with you in mind.

You’re like that song.

Please, please sing. Somebody needs to hear it. At the very least, you could make their day.

At the most, you could save their life.

More to come.



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