Just so you know

I am still thinking about Paul’s views on submission. Just not ready to post yet.

But I will say this: context is so important. So is understanding the language that Paul actually used.

The last sermon I heard on the subject described men as pint glasses and women as wine glasses.

Now, I’m not going to debate the fact that women are generally physically weaker than men. That’s true. But the connotation of that analogy bothers me.

It’s that women are weak. Emotional (like that’s a bad thing). Need to be guided.

I know that it’s generally unintentional, but sermons like those make me feel patronized.

I have to say, though, that on the positive side of things, I am married to a wonderful man who never, never makes me feel that way. 

For that, I’m grateful.

Now, back to the point. Why haven’t I posted yet?

Because I haven’t decided what I think just yet.

I cannot throw out any part of the Bible. But I also can’t reconcile our interpretation of Paul with the rest of the Bible.

So I must keep mulling for the time being.

But I’ll leave you with this question:

After the fall, God imposed a submissive structure upon Adam and Eve’s marriage. Eve was to be ruled by her husband.

Say this was then to be the model for marriage throughout the Old Testament (I’m not convinced that it was, but let’s say that’s the case).

Then we have the Law.

What happens next?

Christ comes. He fulfills the Law. He extends grace to sinners. He dies to save them, and the curtain between God and man is forever torn.

He brings freedom and life.

But, apparently, he brings nothing new to the marriage state.

All else is redeemed, but this structure remains fallen.

How can that be?





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