Creative cooking

I kind of hated cooking up until a few weeks ago, when a special diet dragged me into it kicking and screaming. No longer could I buy processed, prepackaged goodness.

I was suddenly thrust into the world of preparing my own food, left to survive with my pans, pots, various cooking utensils, and two hands.


The horror.

And now, I’m finding that I kind of like it. Sure, there’s still the odd day when I realize there’s something I shouldn’t eat (say, butter – DANGIT), but I’m hoping next week’s visit to the naturopath will clear up some of that stuff. For instance, I might have to give up dairy (shrug), but I might get to eat some other things that I’ve given up as a precautionary measure.

Prayers about that are very welcome, by the way.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that there are all KINDS of things I can eat – the only thing is, I have to make them myself. Marinara on the store shelf contains a lot of no nos, but I can make marinara pretty easily in my own kitchen, and it tastes fantastic. Same for pesto. Same for salad dressing (okay, I’m still tooling with that one, but I’m getting there). I’ve learned to make stew, meatloaf, muffins, bread (well, sorta), and this morning, I’m making cookies (almond butter drops sweetened with vanilla Stevia).

Also, I’m learning that veggies are my friends. Tasty, tasty friends. I just hate preparing them because it’s a pain and I’m still a really lazy cook. But I’m slowly coming around.

Why, hello there, delicious friend. Pleased to eat you.




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