Still learning

The Bible is getting more interesting.

I used to read it out of a sense of duty and obligation exclusively. Now, when I pick it up, I see things I never noticed – probably because I was reading before just to get a quantity in. Now I’m reading after spending a great deal of time turning my own experience inside out. I want to read it as though reading it for the first time, with Christian culture stripped away from it. And it’s been a completely different experience.

I’ve missed so many things – glazed over passages that are blowing my mind right now.

At the same time, I realize that for every step I’ve come forward in my faith, there are a 1,000 more to take. I still have so much to learn.

But after spending my whole life in the church, I love that the Bible still surprises me.


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  1. jendavisgodwin

    Hi Sara, Congrats to Ben! I would love to know what passages spoke to you today… Every time I read the Bible the same thing happens to me..Love you!

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