What’s your useless superpower?

We all have one, whether we’ve realized it or not.

A completely useless superpower.

According to to Merriam-Webster, useless is defined as: (adj) having or being of no use.

So there’s your criteria.

Mine is the ability to remember all things unimportant (the same actor who played Mr. Pheeney in “Boy Meets World” also voiced the car KIT in “Knight Rider”), but forget things that are actually important (mailing in a check to renew my truck’s tags – it’s been written out and sitting in the living room for weeks).

My brother Steve’s is the ability to pull into a parking space just as a song on the stereo is ending, without even trying.

What can you do?

His is the ability to crash with style.



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3 responses to “What’s your useless superpower?

  1. Thomas Howe

    Mine was brought to my attentionwhile I worked at Fry’s. I am immune to pummeling. Not in the sence that punches don’t hurt me. In the sence that even if I present myself to someone who just announced they want to pummel someone, they will say something to the effect “Oh, not *you*!” So apparently through sheer force of personality I have become immune to pummeling.

  2. Ben

    I can perfectly time my approach to a stop light so that I hit the intersection right as it turns green, so that I can blow past the sucker who is completely stopped in the next lane. It works especially well when the stopped person is driving like a jerk (cutting people off, treating every green light like a drag race, etc).

  3. I can get more out of a piece of fabric then I ought to be able to when cutting out patterns. It would be useful, except I always doubt my ability and buy the amount called for on the pattern envelope and then have an extra yard. Alas.

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