Evolution of a blog

You might have noticed that the content of this blog has changed from:

“Semi-deep to deep thoughts by Sarah” to “Stream of consciousness by Sarah” or “Hey, look! A pretty picture taken by Sarah.”

The short version is that this kind of thing is easier to write on a daily basis. The long version is that I’m concentrating on some other writing projects right now, and also, I apparently can’t come up with an interesting deep thought every single day.

So the pattern will probably become more of a “deep thought every few days, randomosity daily for sure,” because I still want to write here every day – both for the practice, and so family and friends from afar can see what’s going on in our lives (or at the very least, in my head).

That said:

Today Ben and I are going to grab some weird food at Whole Foods in an attempt to clear my diet of things that don’t make me feel very good when I eat them, though they are oh-so-delicious when they go in my mouth. Some of these changes are going to completely suck during the holiday season, but it’s necessary.

After that, a bridal shower for one of my best friends.

Tomorrow, church, a concert (including the amazingly talented Liz Bonn and Linda Venable), and game day with friends.

It’s going to be a fun weekend.


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