Small things

This morning my friend Liz Bonn and I went for a run. Well, not so much a run as a wog (part walk, part jog). Liz is a master at noticing small things, and she stopped us to look at a weird mushroom that had grown on the side of the trail in the park:

“Doesn’t it look like a fairytale mushroom?” she asked me.

You can’t see really it well in the picture, but along the pattern on the top were little sparkles of water or frost. Add to that the morning mist, the stream flowing nearby, and the red-gold trees, and for a moment, it did seem like we were looking at a bona-fide fairytale mushroom. You know, the kind that a talking caterpillar would sit on top of.

I love things like that.

Don’t miss the small things. God made lots of them, and they didn’t have to be pretty. But they are, because he’s creative like that.

Enjoy your day.



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