My brain as a washing machine

As always, I’m juggling a bunch of different ideas around in my mind. So today’s post won’t be about one unified thing, but just a peek into a few things that are going on in my brain.

1. Employment: Should it be something that just pays the bills, or should a job be something more? Should we be reevaluating the job’s place in our lives – is it central, or is it a peripheral thing that doesn’t need to be an integral part of who we are? Should we be trying to create our own jobs instead of seeking to be part of a company?

2. Church and gender: Like I wrote on Facebook yesterday, some people think that churches are too patriarchal, while at the same time, some assert that they cater too much to women. While I agree that churches do cater a lot to women (not necessarily on purpose, but they tend to be more emotionally oriented), I don’t feel “oppressed by a patriarchy” at church.

And when people take Bible verses out of context to tell me what women should and shouldn’t do, I ignore it. Because I can think for myself.

3. When does your faith become your own? For many years, I allowed different people to direct my Christian walk. I went to church, took everything pastors said as a direct word from God, and used that as a reason to be lazy and not cultivate much of a relationship with God myself.

That doesn’t mean I am always at odds with what pastors say; I hear a lot of good things from the pulpit. But that doesn’t excuse me from using my own brain.

4. When does being opinionated = blind arrogance? I walk that line a lot. I’m very opinionated, but at the same time, I don’t want to run over people with my opinions (which I’ve done recently). I’ve still got planks in my eye, too.

So yes, a lot of thoughts in the spin cycle. What’s on your mind today?



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