Why we (I) should stop wasting time caring about things that don’t matter

I do this all the time.

It’s silly, really. Example: I threw a birthday party for Ben about a month ago, and everything went fantastically. Everyone was assembled at our friend Chris’s house, the cakes were baked, the Nerf guns were loaded (remember that I’m the one throwing the party and it makes sense).

What was I worrying about?

The potatoes.

The oven was full of baked potatoes to go with chili and all the other fixings. I was afraid they would burn and then, when everyone tasted the potatoes, they would think the party sucked.

Which is stupid, because our friends aren’t petty; however, somewhere, hiding under layers of subconscious in my brain, was that thought. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit it, but there it is.

And I was right – after everyone ate those potatoes, they went straight home because they no longer liked me OR Ben. After all, baked potatoes are the very thing that most relationships hinge upon.

Oh wait, that’s not what happened.

They were a little burned on the outside, but nobody cared.

The truth is, they wouldn’t have cared even if the potatoes were inedible. They weren’t there for the potatoes; they were there because they loved Ben. And because they all got to play with Nerf guns for a legitimate reason as adults.

All this is to say that it’s okay to be confident in yourself. Focus on what’s important and be gracious to others, but don’t spend too much time obsessing over what they think.

In the grand scheme of things, potatoes aren’t that big a deal.

Checking...nope, still not a big deal.



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3 responses to “Why we (I) should stop wasting time caring about things that don’t matter

  1. Elin

    Nor are cookies that are a little overdone.
    I found myself apologizing last night because my cookies didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped.

  2. I liked those potatoes. But it does not matter that I did!

    I find myself constantly apologizing when people are over to my house and it is messy. I should probably learn to stop doing that.

  3. Yes, stop doing that. It’s not messy – it’s cozy and lived in. 🙂

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