A word about Battlefield 3

Men like to play video games. It’s important. It lets them be all heroic and mannish and grrr. Also, there are explosions.

Fig. 1: Explosions. These are important.

That said, ladies, Battlefield 3 just came out (last night, at 9pm Pacific Standard Time). Your man will want to retreat into his man-cave and blow things up for awhile with his friends (or blow up his friends).

Give him some grace this week.

Don’t worry. He’ll be back.

Men: Take your wife to dinner at some point this week.

It’s okay, you can play Battlefield when you get back.



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2 responses to “A word about Battlefield 3

  1. So true! GRR SMASH SHOOT DESTROY ROAR!! Also, wanna go on a date tonight?

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