Friends are more important than new jeans

Yesterday after church Ben and I had planned to go to Washington Square. He’s my favorite shopping partner because he’s frank with his opinions (without being mean) and probably the most efficient shopper I’ve ever known.

Did my pirates escape? Not so much.

We go into a store, figure out what we need, and we’re out. I don’t feel rushed, but I never feel exhausted after an afternoon of shopping with him. I was really looking forward to it.

 But when a spontaneous board game party broke out after church, we changed our minds.
Yes, I know how incredibly nerdy that sounds, but an opportunity to hang out with friends definitely takes precedence over new jeans.

So we went to Ixtapa and ate way too much, then played board games all afternoon. With really cool people. (I should amend that to “I lost at board games all afternoon,” but that’s okay, since it’s widely known that the only game it’s possible for me to win is Scattergories, and that only when Jason Holcombe isn’t playing.)

In this part of my life, God is teaching me to prioritize relationships. I don’t always get it right (I admit to being more interested in my cell phone than in “Tigris and Euphrates” – sorry, guys), but I’m starting to realize that maintaining good relationships with people is more important than…well, just about anything. And I’m grateful that I have friends who are willing to give me grace for my flaws and failings in the process.

And next time we play “Tigris and Euphrates,” I promise to leave the cell phone in my purse. Really.


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