My’s grammar pet peeve

It’s time to finally start talking about this.

Understand that I say this in love, but also understand that it must be said. For the good of the universe.

Stop using the word “my’s.”

It isn’t a word.

“My” is already a word that indicates that you own something, so it doesn’t need an apostrophe and an “s” tacked onto it.

This is my teddy bear.
This is my sweater.
These are my pants.

You would not say: This is my’s teddy bear.

So why do you write things like the following: George and my’s life is so wonderful!

You would not say “My’s life is so wonderful,” so why does the word “my’s” suddenly become okay when you attach George to it? George should not have that kind of power! No one should!

Instead, say: George’s and my life is so wonderful!

It makes sense, right?

George’s life is so wonderful.
My life is so wonderful.


George’s and my life is so wonderful. Or you could even just say “Our life is so wonderful” and keep it simple.

Every time you use the word my’s, there’s a hole in the fabric of the universe that gets a little bit bigger.

Do you want the universe to collapse?

No, I didn’t think so.

So please, for the sake of the universe, stop writing “my’s.”

Thank you.



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4 responses to “My’s grammar pet peeve

  1. The thing I hate is when people say “boughten” instead of “purchased” or “I have bought.”

  2. Oohhh, that makes me crazy too!

  3. My’s skool tacher would unagree wit ur words.

  4. I will see you in church Sunday, Alex. There will be repercussions.

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