Something I really respect

This morning I listened to about twenty soon to be MBA grads give ten minute talks on a topic of their choosing. I went to see Ben’s, of course, and he did a fantastic job.

But someone else’s speech stood out to me as well.

Captain James T. Kirk.

No, really. This guy did his presentation about leadership principles dressed as Captain Kirk, in character.

I loved the fact that the room was not only receptive to it, they were attentive and interested. It was creative and more than a little bit silly. It was also different and unapologetically dorky.

That’s what I respect. The guts to be a confident dork. This is an adult who:

a) is mature, yet
b) is not grown up.

And it was a room full of people who get it.

What’s “it”?

The idea that it’s okay to be silly and different, even as an adult. What a liberating thought.

In a high school classroom, this presentation would have been met with mostly mockery. And though that saddens me, I also know that some of those kids will eventually grow out of the mentality that “unique is stupid” and recognize that individuality is a fantastic, God-given gift.

After all, I was sitting in a room full of proof.

So here’s to the adults/goofballs/future-world-changers I got to hang out with this morning. You made my day.

Especially Captain Kirk. Boldly go, dude.

The real Captain Kirk approves this message.


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