There will always be something. Something that bars you from happiness. That barrier, that thought that says: “If it wasn’t for this one thing, I would be fine.” “If only this would happen/go away/get better…I could be happy.”

I have battled with this one over and over, and this is the conclusion I’ve finally come to:

There will always be something.

Over the last few years, as individual “somethings” in my life were conquered, others would rise to take their place. Circumstances come, then go, then come. I’m not saying that we can’t be victorious over barriers and circumstances in our life; I’m just saying that there will always be some kind of barrier or circumstance.

And it’s very, very dangerous and damaging to let circumstances control your life and rob you of your joy.

So today’s post is as much to myself as it is to you: let go of your “somethings,” and be happy now. Not in the future – now.

And ask God for grace for the somethings.  He’ll give it to you.



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