Fluffy Friday – Geek shopping and more

I like shopping. I know it’s the most stereotypically girl thing to like, but there it is. I am not ashamed.

I don’t do a whole lot of shopping right now beyond the necessities, but when I do, there are certain places I like to go. And today, I’m sharing. Why?

Because it’s Fluffy Friday, that’s why. And that’s just the way I roll:

Hours of fun for the whole family. Seriously.

1. Thinkgeek.com. If ever there was a Nerdvana, this would be it. A sampling of the merchandise: a Tardis USB hub, lightsaber chopsticks (not as problematic as you might think), plush bacon, sonic screwdrivers, and my personal favorite, the screaming monkey slingshot. I bought this for my brother one Christmas, and despite the fact that we all opened more grownup presents, this little $6.99 toy was what the entire family played with all morning.

2. American Eagle. Two words: quality jeans. Go when they’re on sale and they’re very reasonably priced. They’re pre-shrunk and the fit is excellent. And the last time I was there, every pair I tried on was a pair of amazing butt jeans.

And as we all know, amazing butt jeans are worth the inconvenience of going to the mall. Anyday.

3. Steam. Bless their hearts, they’ve been putting old adventure games up so I can buy them cheap. Squee!

4. Trader Joe’s. I don’t get out there much, but they sell my very favorite champagne for $6.99 a bottle, and the quirky checkers always say something entertaining, like asking me what amazing adventures I have planned for the rest of the day. Only they could make grocery shopping epic.

5. The Limited. I can’t afford to shop here a lot, but their clothes are oh-so-shiny-and-pretty.

6. And just discovered this morning: www.thisiswhyimbroke.com. Sample merchandise: sword handle umbrellas, steampunk nerfguns, and an all-edges brownie pan. Sweet.

So, what are your faves? What am I missing out on?


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