Schrodinger’s cat and dating

Warning: the following post is a married person’s take on dating. If you’re sick and tired of married people telling you what to do with your dating life and you’d rather chew tinfoil than listen to one more piece of annoying advice…

Here’s a cute picture of a basket of puppies instead.

If you’re still with me:

A recent laundry foray had me folding and watching back episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon’s character is by far the most awkward on the show, but sometimes he’s accidentally insightful. In this clip he’s offering Penny some advice about a potential relationship with Leonard. She’s afraid that if things don’t work out, she’ll lose the friendship. Here’s his response (you’ll have to click the outbound link to YouTube):

The point is simple: There’s no guarantee of success, but you’ll never know unless you try. Up to you whether or not you wanna.

See? That wasn’t so bad.

P.S. Want to try the experiment without that whole nasty “cat and a vial of poison” thing? Try the interactive Schrodinger’s cat.


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