Part 3: With a little help from your friends

Okay, recap time!

On Sunday I wrote about the connection between Terminator and pursuing your dreams.

Well, more to the point, I wrote about how we gave my brother a Terminator in order to remind him to keep pursuing that filmmaking dream (also, because it’s cool – glowy eyes and everything…okay, I digress).

I’m coming back to that now because this post is all about helping each other out.

Actually, that’s it: help each other out.

Every dream needs support and accountability.

So if you know someone who has a dream to be a writer or a director or a trapeze artist or whatever, and they aren’t doing anything about it, become their worst nightmare. Text them. Email them. Call them. NAG them. Then, when they get started, encourage them. Pray for them. Give them constructive feedback.

And then promote the heck out of them. Post a link to their Etsy store. Buy some candy from them and give it to your friends (and tell them where it came from so they can buy some for their friends).

Or trade talents. For example, if you’re a photographer, do some photography for their website. Win-win: they get a better website, you get to slap that job on your resume. Boom.

And hey, on that note, if you have a budding business, creative idea, or even another blog, I’d be happy to promote you here. Just shoot me an email or a Facebook message and we’ll chat.

Okay, whew. This has all been pretty substantial, so I solemnly swear to write a joyously fluffy blog post tomorrow. Maybe there will be kittens involved.



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