Creativity, Recession, the Terminator, and You

Last night we gave my brother an 18″ Terminator model for his birthday. It has glowing red eyes and tons of moving pistons and is freaking super cool. We gave it to him because

a) it’s awesome, and
b) we wanted to encourage him to keep on pursuing his dream of being a creative filmmaker.

He’s wanted to be a filmmaker since he was a kid, hauling around a video camera that could accommodate full sized VHS tapes. It was bigger than his head.

Over the years he’s worked hard on cultivating that dream, and as the video cameras got smaller, his dreams have gotten bigger. And he’s got the creative chops to get there, too. We watched a rough cut of the latest episode of his web series last night, and it looked great.

But my point is that everybody needs a Terminator once in awhile to push them in the right direction.

Follow your dreams if you want to live!

Well, maybe not a Terminator, but you get the idea.

On that note, I’m going to write a 3 part series this week on some thoughts I’ve had regarding the recession, resulting creativity and entrepreneurship, and how we need to encourage each other in this time, using the tools we have in front of us.

Have you ever had that experience where God bombards you with ideas that are related, all from different sources, and then that culminates in one synthesized idea in your brain?

I had been tossing some ideas about creativity and dream pursuit around for awhile. And suddenly, I began encountering related ideas everywhere, the latest being my pastor this morning. I’m usually a pretty quiet church goer, but today I was so squirmy I was about to fall out of my chair a few times.

So I want to write about it. As always, I want this to be a conversation, so please, add your thoughts and comments as I go along – either here, or on Facebook. I love hearing from you, and I know that all of you have a great deal to teach me as well.


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