My news feed is awesome and it’s your fault

Today I’m feeling grateful – and I just wanted to tell you why.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you clicked on the link on my Facebook page. Which means you’re a Facebook friend. Which means you contribute to the news feed that I see every day.

And I wanted to say thanks.

I’m sure not everyone has this experience, but for the most part, when I look at my news feed, I see:

people encouraging each other

people expressing joy

people promoting social justice

people networking, developing business and dreams

people praising God

people questioning

people thinking

people sharing recipes

people being kind

people sharing interesting articles

people being hilarious

people sharing music

people talking about how much they love their kids and family

people being amazing people

So what that means is that the people I know are awesome. This is a thanks for that awesomeness, and for the fact that when I log into my Facebook, I am encouraged, entertained, and uplifted.

Keep on keeping on!



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2 responses to “My news feed is awesome and it’s your fault

  1. Does my realization that my family can’t seem to figure out how to handle stairs “people being hilarious” or “people thinking?” Haha…

  2. I think it falls under “people being hilarious.” Because I’m one of those awful people who laughs at other people’s misfortune.

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