Film festival, Italy, Packing


Thanks to Jen Godwin for suggesting the Emergen-C; I’m feeling much better. Hoping it keeps working.

Tonight, Ben and I kick off the official vacation with sushi. The living room is a staging area for packing, so it’s littered with things like empty travel sized shampoo bottles, packing cubes, brand new socks, our raincoats, camera paraphernalia, and all the other every day junk that we now feel it’s okay to leave out because all the travel junk is already out.

Of course, I need to get that cleaned up tonight because tomorrow, the film crew arrives.

My brother has assembled a team to participate in a 48 Hour Film Festival. Tonight, he gets his genre for the project. Later tonight, he writes a script with some other members of his team. Tomorrow morning, we meet in our living room with the entire team, drink lots of coffee, and head out to film whatever it is Steve wrote the night before. On Sunday, he edits and submits the movie. Ta-da!

Then, two days later, we fly to Italy. So it’s fun busy times for the next few days. Whew!

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. Stay tuned for more updates…From Italy!!


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  1. Glad the C worked.. Godspeed on your trip and good luck with the film festival!

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