Italy and prayers

Actually, first it will be Switzerland, then Italy. We’re flying into Zurich on the 9th, and then staying in Interlaken for a night.

Then…Roma! Armed with a Rick Steves guidebook, a lot of optimism, and every OTC medication known to man. Last time I was in Rome I had allergies, so I bought some Italian allergy stuff…at least, I think I did. The box was in Italian and I wasn’t sure the guy behind the counter knew what I wanted, but I took some on faith anyway, and I didn’t die. Anyway, this time I decided I wanted to have a supply on hand of…well, everything. So yesterday I went to Target and bought…um, everything. Stuff where I can read the labels. Overkill, maybe, but I have a feeling I’ll thank myself later.

Anyway, on the subject of health, I just wanted to ask for your prayers while we’re abroad. I’ve been really sick for a good chunk of July, and am dealing with a mild cold right now. Ben’s been going nonstop for the last…well, pretty much since he started his MBA, and I’m hoping that once he hits vacation he won’t get sick, which is what bodies tend to do once they get a chance to finally relax.

So in summary, please pray for our health and safety. Like, a spiritual germ shield. With lasers. Ideally, I’d like to not have to use any of the medicine cabinet we’re taking with us.

Speaking of Jesusy-ness, one of the things I’m looking forward to the most is Vatican City…a Protestant looking forward to a visit to Catholic mecca. Maybe it isn’t that weird. I just don’t really see us as being that different. <ducks> 🙂 I guess the bottom line is that I’m looking forward to worshiping God in another one of his houses, if that makes sense. It’ll be nifty times.

Now, get off the Internet and go outside and play before the sun goes away again!



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2 responses to “Italy and prayers

  1. Hi Sara! I am so excited that you are doing a blog!! And that you and Ben are going to Europe! So happy for you!I will enjpy reading your muses, and wish you well. Alos, I wanted to say that the packerts of Emergen-C are incredible at fighting viruses. I have had the Epstein Barr for two months and would not have been able to keep myself afloat without this health booster.. I have warded off colds in the past remarkably. I highly recommend you get it and take it during stressful times…maybe you already do! Love you and best wishes again! Abbey’s mom

  2. I’ll be praying for you on your trip! I hope you have a safe journey, with a lot of new adventures and experiences that will stay with you forever. Say hello to Benedict XVI for me, and have fun in Vatican City. (It always reminds me of Spatula City.) Love Abs

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