Girl Code

Sunday morning I got up almost too late to shower.

Ben told me, “It’s okay, you can just be smelly.”

Now, if I had taken a shower the previous day, this would’ve been true. The fact is, girls (from a bodily standpoint) smell nicer longer than guys. I just asked Ben for confirmation. He said, “I’d put it more that guys smell worse quicker.” Close enough.

However, I had taken a shower Friday. Which meant that, if I did not shower on Sunday morning, I would be going to church with third day hair.

Second day hair is completely permissible, provided you haven’t done anything like moving sofas the previous day. But third day hair? Unthinkable.

I explained to Ben that this is part of the Girl Code. He wanted to know if it was written down somewhere and didn’t seem to think it was very fair that it wasn’t.

But hey, I didn’t invent the thing. That’s just the way it is. 🙂




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4 responses to “Girl Code

  1. I threw the Girl Code out the window several years ago. Step One: refusing to wear makeup. That was like breaking an addiction. Step Two: I trained my hair to only need washing every seven days or so. That took time, and, if you ask my mother, it’s still got about a three day clock on it, but she’s got very high standards for my hygiene.

    • 🙂 Moving to a developing nation/continent will definitely help with being able to let go of the “girl code”. For me, I have a 3 day hair cycle, but prefer every 2 days 😉

  2. Last week I washed my hair on Tuesday and didn’t wash it again until Friday, so I’m kind of a hypocrite. I was cleaning out junk at my parents’ house – ergo, no point in staying clean. I will admit it was pretty freeing, though! 🙂

    Kudos to you for giving up makeup! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that entirely.

    You have a blog too, right?

  3. Indeed I do.

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