Guilt free for 24 hours

I decided today to go 24 hours without feeling guilty about anything AND without saying anything anything mean about myself.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to go guiltlessly run over puppies with my truck, but it does mean that I’m not allowed to feel guilty for say, wasted time.

In other news, I’m better! Well, sort of. I’m really tired, but feeling much better and am getting really excited for Italy. We’ve booked Interlaken (in Switzerland), Rome, Assisi, Florence, and are in the process of booking an adorable room in Vernazza (on the Cinque Terre). Life is good. I get to go on an adventure with my Mine. He’s pretty nice. 🙂

We’re going HERE! <bzzzt> (that’s my brain shorting out)

…and here:

…also, here:

And of course…here:

How excited am I?



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