Penicillin is my friend

This morning began with a raging headache and culminated with a trip to the grocery store, which actually, I’m pretty proud of (the grocery trip, not the headache). I’m not quite well, which is frustrating as I’m coming up on one week, and I have a lot of other things I’d rather be doing than sitting on the couch, but I don’t have a lot of energy for much else.

But as I’m coming out of this, I’m starting to feel excited about life and the next few things coming around the bend. I was started to feel a little blah about things – Ben joked on Monday that maybe this was a Job experience for me. An exaggeration for sure, but I think it’s true that a little struggle often resets the switch. Not having been able to do pretty much anything except lie on the couch for the last few days has me excited to spend time with people again and to get back outside (rain or no…this stupid Oregon summer isn’t going to keep me apartment bound).

I’ve also been coming back around to the idea of moderation in everything. I practically crucify myself for not accomplishing enough, and I set goals (physical and mental) that are far too high, then either overwork myself and fail (like this last week) or I give up too soon. So enough of that. I think sometimes that my standards for myself are higher than God’s standards for myself. How often do I ask myself to do things that he hasn’t?

So I’m going to be really excited that I had the energy to go to the grocery store and write a blog today. Today…Safeway. Tomorrow…the world! Well, not quite, but moderation doesn’t mean you can’t dream.


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One response to “Penicillin is my friend

  1. Cool story, sis. I wish I could have Penicillin, like, ever.

    I posted something, per your request.

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