I promised myself I’d write every day…

…so here’s why I didn’t write yesterday:

1. I woke up with rocks in my throat again.
2. Went to the doctor. Threw up in examination room.
3. Was told by a nice man on the way out of the office that I had a flat tire.
4. Sat in Les Schwab waiting for flat tire to be patched. Did not throw up, which was a plus.
5. Picked up penicillin.
6. Went home. Collapsed. Whined. My husband is a saint, because I’m a huge baby.

I’m really bad at being sick. First of all, as earlier stated, I’m a huge baby. Second, I hate being even slightly uncomfortable, and when I’m hurting/tired/nauseated, I’m an even bigger baby. Third, being sick is really boring. I can’t do anything creative or useful, so I saturate myself on daytime T.V. Not soaps, but things like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition repeats and House Hunters. My biggest accomplishment all day was unloading and loading the dishwasher.

On the plus side, the penicillin is working! I can now move about the apartment without feeling like I’m going to fall over. Tomorrow I might even venture outside.

In conclusion, always use hand sanitizer. Even in the summertime.


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